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Virtually Celebrating: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Civil Rights Leader, set a standard that will always be the goal post of life for all people who admire him - and a reminder to all people who don't.  Citizens all across the country and all over the world are honoring his life, his work and his legacy.  I pause for a moment to reflect on his "I have A Dream Speech", of 1963.

MLK, Jr., spoke passionately and eloquently concerning the rights, life, liberty and freedom, housing, voting rights and keeps in the forefront of all people what the Constitution grants - reiterating that all men are created equal!  Black Men and White Men! All is relevant in 2021.   

 Jocada celebrates the life and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for his strength, vision and legacy to change for change! 

As we take a look back through the years, perhaps we can all agree that his "I have A Dream Speech" is most prevalent today. Throughout history, freedom workers/fighters have continued to press on to Freedom through and with legislators; for and with the people of the United States of America.   

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